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RFID Portable Inventory System

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RFID Portable Inventory System

Product Features

Enables fast, efficiency and accuracy inventory of library materials

Performs item search, locate mis-shelf books and inventory taking

Sophisticated antenna design and electronics deliver the highest read range

Anti-collision capability allows system to read up to 60 items per second (UHF)

Product Model


- Integrated with a PDA unit that eliminated messy cables in between PDA/computer and RFID handheld reader
- Enables uploading and download data from circulation database via WIFI / Bluetooth connection
- Micro SD memory card slot (support up to 8GB)
- Read range up to 3m
- Industrial made and rugged design
- Drop test 1.5m to concrete
- Last long operations up to 5 hours


- Light weight RFID handheld reader
- Enables uploading and download data to a laptop/tablet computer via Bluetooth connection
- Read range up to 12cm
- Required 4 x AA battery to operate

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