Starting from an all-manual management of your library is definitely is a heavy-tasked. Considering your catering thousands of patrons with different concerns and adding up all the paper-works obligations like reports, cataloging is really troublesome.

Time spent over these parts are consuming, providing less and less quality services for the students. These are the reasons behind the acquisition of Partido State University for Koha Technical Services together with the RFID Devices.

Wiserf Technologies Inc, as not only a provider of RFIDs in the library but also integrators has completed the installation for the University making its library not only equipped with Koha Library System to handle the automation processes but also with RFID Devices to assists the front-end operations.

With Koha as your library system, the university can better manage all transactions starting from cataloging to circulation, to reports and inventory. It also provides the patrons a better means of searching books and reserving it via your OPAC.

Now matching this with RFID gives you the advantage of providing efficient library services by providing a faster circulation transaction, and better security for your collections.

With this combined solution, Partido State University can fulfill an effective and efficient library services towards its faculties and students.

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