In fast-moving, busy world of urban cities like Quezon City, the need of providing its citizens and neighboring cities a place of convenience specially to those who seek additional knowledge as a form reading and research is what the Quezon City Public Library offers.


With thousands of its collection openly provided to the public, the challenge was how to continuously provide the services but at the same time preserving the city’s investments of its books.


This is where Wiserf Technologies Inc. comes in…


Wiserf has provided 3 of the many Sites of QCPL the RFID Security Gate, enhancing book security for the public. Not only that, with Wiserfs integration expertise, it has also provided a Digital Signage designed to provide a link on the QCPL ‘s library system to provide information for its users not only Books available but also Video Ads and City Announcements.


Come and visit QCPL Library at Quezon City Hall, and experience first-hand the RFID-abled Public Library by Wiserf Technologies Inc.


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