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People Counting Camera System

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People Counting Camera System

Utilizes 3D stereo vision to achieve up to 99% accuracy and wide coverage for in/out counting

People counting camera system mounts on ceiling to provide holistic traffic view with enhanced activity analysis and video validation abilities.

Product Features

  • Tracks multiple people simultaneously at a wide entrance


  • Built-in WIFI sensor collects visitor’s WIFI beacons and track visitor movement using unique identifier of WIFI signal


  • Provides web-based analytics software for real time monitor and obtain visitor counting analytics data and statistic report


  • Provides analytics data for visitor count, visit duration, outside traffic, returning visitor/customer

Technical Specifications

Camera _

2 x 5MP resolution
Lens – 160 degree versatile ceiling height range

Casing _

Aluminium oxide alloy, water and dust resistant

Power _


Frame Rate _

15 fps – Live stream will only display 320×420 resolution to reduce bandwidth

Internal Storage _

8GB MicroSD

Software User Level _

Administrator and standard user

Data Delivery _


Database Type _